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Benefits of Participating in Research

Clinical research is the first step to understanding and treating illnesses. People want to know, “why should I engage in clinical research?”  Before there was Zoloft, Prozac, or Cymbalta, volunteers tried those medications to ensure that they were safe and effective. SOME BENEFITS OF PARTICI[Read More...]

Is a lack of sexual desire affecting your relationship?

If decreased sexual desire is affecting your connection, it’s time to take the next step to reconnect! Decreased sexual desire is a real medical condition, known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). The Reconnect Study is a clinical research study designed to evaluate the safety and effec[Read More...]

Alzheimer's Disease Research right here in Mississippi!

Dr. Chasity Torrence Precise Research of Flowood, MS is looking to raise awareness of Clinical Research Study opportunities for Alzheimer's Disease in Mississippi. To see if you qualify for one of our studies call us today at 601-420-5810 or visit our website at www.precise-research.com Dr. Cha[Read More...]

Midday Mississippi Interviews Precise Research!

Precise Research Interview on Midday Mississippi with Clinical Research Coordinator, Matt Herr Precise Research of Flowood, MS is looking to raise awareness of Clinical Research Study opportunities in Mississippi. To see if you qualify for one of our studies call us today at 601-420-5810 or visit [Read More...]

Sexual Depression Medicine Side Effects

It is fairly common for those who are clinically depressed to also have sexual problems as a side affect. Erectile dysfunction (ED) or being unable to orgasm are the more prevalent sexual effects of depression. Psychologists and General Doctors are able to treat the symptoms of sexual problems and d[Read More...]

Schizophrenia Caregivers Jackson, MS

Precise research offers many treatment options for those suffering from schizophrenia. Our clinic is always seeking to help those in need. Learn more about our current schizophrenia studies here. Contact us for more information.[Read More...]

Early Onset of Alzheimer's and Other Dementias

Could I have Alzheimer’s now? Though Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is not usually diagnosed until the age of 65 or older, it is possible for an individual to have Alzheimer’s disease before this time in his or her life. Once an individual has been diagnosed for Alzheimer’s before the age of 65, this[Read More...]

Schozophrenia Help Outline - dealing with causes

Schizophrenia Help Outline: Schizophrenia Help - Steps for Schizophrenia Help Dealing with Schizophrenia Dealing with schizophrenia can be a very difficult struggle to go through. Schizophrenia makes it hard for individuals to tell the difference between what is real and what is not, to think cle[Read More...]

Schizophrenia Treatment Process and Options

Why do individuals with schizophrenia need treatment? Advances in treatment: Thanks to Clinical Research Studies Schizophrenia Treatment: The Schizophrenia Treatment Process Schizophrenia is a mental health illness that dramatically affects the life and lifestyle of the individual who has i[Read More...]

Impact of Anti-Smoking Movement

For many hundreds of years humans have harvested and smoked tobacco. It is commonplace in cultures all around the world. Despite its long history and widespread use, people did not know how detrimental cigarettes could be to ones health until as recently as 1964! During this year, the surgeon genera[Read More...]

Recognizing Alzheimer's Disease

What is Alzheimer’s Disease? Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a neurological disease that progressively leads to the irreversible degeneration of brain tissue through the deterioration of neurons and the death of brain cells. The disease worsens as it progresses in its stages of development leading [Read More...]

The Fight Against Major Depression

Dealing with Major Depressive Disorder Once an individual has been checked for the signs and symptoms of Major Depression and the individual has been diagnosed as having Clinical Depression by a licensed psychiatrist, the next step for the individual is to seek treatment to help him or her get[Read More...]

Online Resources For Depression

Depression Help Online? Major Depressive Disorder, also known as Major or Clinical Depression, is a mental illness that can have a huge impact on the affected individual’s lifestyle. Clinical Depression is responsible for affecting around 19 million Americans annually and for being the cause f[Read More...]

Major Depression - Signs and Symptoms

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder? Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), also known as Major or Clinical Depression, is a mental illness that affects approximately 6.7% of the population of the United States for at least a twelve-month period, according to the National Instit[Read More...]

Major Depression and Antidepressant Debate

The Debate on Antidepressants and the Origins of Major Depression A shocking article was recently published in the New York Times on the April 19th discussing the evolution and effectiveness of current antidepressants as treatment for Major Depression. According to the article, there is a fear [Read More...]

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