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Benefits of Participating in Research

Posted on 25 | Sep | 2015

Clinical research is the first step to understanding and treating illnesses. People want to know, “why should I engage in clinical research?”  Before there was Zoloft, Prozac, or Cymbalta, volunteers tried those medications to ensure that they were safe and … Continue reading

Some Common ADHD Symptoms

Posted on 17 | Nov | 2011

Symptoms of ADHD Include: Difficulty Paying Attention Struggle when following instructions Easily distracted & loses things Has difficulty remaining seated or fidgets constantly Interrupts often, talks excessively, blurts out answers before listening to the question

Active Clinical Trials in Jackson, MS


Precise Research specializes in clinical trials and medical studies. Be sure to see the current studies open for enrollment listed on our homepage. You can help advance medical research!

Precise Research serves the Central Mississippi region including Brandon, Madison, Ridgeland, Jackson Mississippi, Clinton in Madison & Rankin Counties MS. After-Care provided by Precise CNS a team of Psychiatrists in Jackson, MS