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Bipolar Manic or mixed is a psychiatric diagnosis that classifies a category of mood disorders by the presence of one or more episodes of unusually high energy levels mixed with depressive states. These episodes are usually separated by times of “normal” mood; but, with some individuals, depression and mania may quickly alternate, which is known as rapid cycling. Manic symptoms of bipolar depression can include inflated or unrealistic self-esteem; needing less sleep than normal and still feeling energetic; talking more/faster than normal; changing the topic of conversation so quickly/often that it interferes with communication; feeling that one’s thoughts are racing; increased distractibility; difficulty sitting still; an unusual drive to engage in activities or pursue goals, such as by making clearly unrealistic plans or excessively cleaning; and partaking in risky or dangerous behaviors. The diagnosis of Bipolar Manic or mixed is based on the evaluation of a person’s self-reported experiences, as well as observed behavior.

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