Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social Anxiety Disorder

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Social anxiety disorder causes extreme discomfort in social situations. You may feel you’re constantly being judged or fear meeting others. At Precise Research Centers in Flowood, Mississippi, Joseph Kwentus, MD, runs clinical trials for the latest treatments to help you manage the symptoms of social anxiety disorder so you can enjoy life. Call today or reach out online to learn about current clinical studies and how you can become a part.

Social Anxiety Disorder Q&A

What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety makes it hard for you to function normally in public situations. You experience fear or extraordinary stress when speaking to or otherwise interacting with people. 


This type of anxiety occurs not just when you’re asked to give a presentation or answer a question in a classroom setting. It may show up in normal, daily interactions in a store or restaurant. 


You may experience social anxiety when you’re asked to compete in a sporting event in front of others or speak in public. 


In some cases, social anxiety is severe enough to make it difficult for you to use a public restroom. To avoid situations that make you anxious, you might start missing work, school, and social events. 

What are the symptoms of social anxiety?

Social anxiety can cause you to become increasingly isolated. You purposefully avoid places where other people gather. When you do have to be in public or interact with someone, you may:


  • Sweat
  • Blush
  • Feel your heart rate rise
  • Stiffen your posture
  • Speak softly
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Become nauseous


With social anxiety, you worry about people judging you. You may have trouble figuring out what to say and find your mind goes blank. 

Who develops social anxiety disorder? 

Social anxiety often develops in late childhood and continues into the teen years. Without treatment, it can last a lifetime. 


Social anxiety may have a genetic component. It’s also triggered by environmental factors, trauma, and stress. 

What are the treatments for social anxiety disorder?

Social anxiety disorder is usually treated with a combination of medications and talk therapy.


At Precise Research Centers, the team is enrolling adult participants in clinical research studies to determine the efficacy of specific medications to help manage the disorder's symptoms. These medications are the newest ways that might help you manage your condition. 


There’s no cost for participation, and you benefit from the support and expertise of the clinical staff the entire time you’re a part of the trial. 


To find out if you’re a candidate for clinical trials for social anxiety treatments, contact Precise Research Centers today or use the online tool to enroll.